Hey! This is Chien 👋🏼

A systematic designer obsessed with productivity and collaboration topics.
Now I'm in KAYAK's Design Systems team and support my colleagues to work smarter.

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Internship at Logos News・2020

Design System from Scratch
Internship at Logos News・2020

DietDiary for Dietitians
Capstone Project・2021

Adaptive: WFH Internship Management
Competition・First Prize・2020

Lucidchart Tooltips
Sponsored Project・2019

Background in HCI and economics

Hi! I'm Chien-Chun Wu and Chien for short. ​I received my masters in Human-Computer Interaction Design at Indiana University Bloomington with my passion in supporting people's productivity and creativity. I believe that technology is a means to assist and empower humans to achieve their goals, and the design work I envision doing helps address the complexity of issues, deliver great end-to-end experience, and align with key business goals.

2 years of experience in bridging stakeholders through empathy and vision.

From 2016 to 2018, I was a UX researcher in NTU iNSIGHT, a UX consulting firm. We spent a lot of time making collaboration happen everywhere, internally or externally. I assisted the co-creation workshops and initiated the conversation to bring the user's voice to the table. Read my takeaways on Medium.

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On a personal note, I'm a researcher at heart. I enjoy learning the topics from self-development, business, design ethics, to SaaS, design systems, and putting them into practice. I also put my thoughts into words and share with the world.

While not designing, I love reading mangas, getting close to nature, or trying new beer to grow my collection. Lastly, I'm a minimalist, introvert and cat person.